Frequently Asked Questions - All FAQs

The driver should be licensed under the laws of Zimbabwe and authorized to drive by the owner of the vehicle.
You need to notify CBZI as soon as possible but in any event with 30 days of occurrence in writing with all supporting documents.
Policy continues to be in force if the claim is a partial loss.In cases where the object of insurance is totally destroyed/lost in its entirety/beyond economic repair the policy ceases. However where various items are covered by a single policy, cover continues for the remaining property.
Premiums might be adjusted at renewal if necessary, in line with the loss ratio.
You must arrange for the vehicle to be towed to the nearest safe place or repairer immediately or as soon as possible. We also offer (subject to extra premium) a road side assistance facility. Towing charges are covered by the policy up to 10% of sum insured.
The work is guaranteed, where problems arise, which is not the norm, CBZI will work with the repairer to manage the issues of concern.
The policy covers you whilst in the SADC region excluding DRC and Angola limited to 45 days any one trip and 90 days any one period of insurance.
No. A police report is required where a crime has been committed or is suspected or where it is a requirement in terms of the law, to report the matter to the police.
Our policies have self-authorization limits to cater for situations like this. Please refer to your policy for the limit.
This is the amount that is deducted from each and every claim by the insurer and borne by the insured. The excess may be compulsory or voluntary.
This is always in terms of Zimbabwean law. Currently the driver must have held a driving license and driven for more than 2 years.
It covers accidental loss of or damage to the insured vehicle and or its accessories or spare parts whilst thereon,with an extension covering third party property damage and bodily injury or death. Please refer to policy for third party limits.