There’s No Place Like Home. Be Sure It’s Protected.

Do you spend sleepless nights stressing over the safety of the assets you left back home? Do you trust the safety of your property you left in the care of your helps or relatives back in Zimbabwe?

Well, at CBZ Insurance we have the answers and the solutions to these questions. While you are far away from home trying to make ends meet, entrust CBZ Insurance with the burden of worrying on the safety and protection of your assets. At CBZ we believe that every home is unique, that’s why we have come up with a tailor made product that best addresses your individual needs.

What does this product cover?

Home Insurance is the product that CBZ Insurance has designed for the diaspora community that owns residential properties back home in Zimbabwe. The product covers all types of buildings including boreholes, swimming pools, gates and security walls, as well as fixtures and fittings. The policy pays if any of the following events were to cause damage or loss to the property: fire, lightning, thunderbolt, malicious damage, riot, strikes, storm, flooding, earthquakes, bursting or overflowing of pipes, impact, housebreaking, theft, falling trees and accidental impact.

What other benefits does this product offer?

  1. Covers electric gate motors and pumps up to full replacement cost.
  2. Loss of rent following loss or damage to an insured property is covered up to 15% of sum insured.
  3. Extends to cover Property Owner’s liability up to $20,000.
  4. Architects and Surveyor’s fees not exceeding 15% of sum insured or 10% of loss.
  5. Unoccupancy – covered up to 60 consecutive days and 180 days during any one period of insurance.
  6. Loss of keys- 1% of Sum Insured
  7. Free valuations

How much does it even cost?

Average Premium Rates- 0.13% of Property Sum Insured/ Replacement Cost as detailed below;

Sum Insured$50,000$100,000$150,000$200,000$250,000$300,000$350,000$400,000$450,000$500,000
Annual Premium $68.25 $136.50 $204.75 $273.00 $341.25 $409.50 $477.75 $546.00 $614.25 $682.50
Monthly Premium $5.69 $11,38 $17.06 $22.75 $28.44 $34.13 $39.81 $45.40 $51.19 $56.88

Premiums can be spread over 12 months, quarterly or paid as a once off annual payment. Premiums can also be done through:
CBZ Touch | Paynow | Ecocash | Mukuru | Bank Transfer to our CBZ Bank Account No. 03021029900051

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